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Europe: 1983 Doomsday by LouisTheFox Europe: 1983 Doomsday by LouisTheFox
Europe was at the front line of the Cold War, with the Iron Curtain bisecting the continent between Communist East and capitalist West. Nowhere else in the world were more troops, targets and nuclear weapons concentrated. To the surprise of none, Europe was hit very hard in Doomsday, and most of the countries in Europe ceased to exist soon after. Regardless, a few countries had survived, and many more new countries formed after the Doomsday. Europe was a huge nuclear battleground for Soviet and American missiles. Many Russian cities destroyed, France's major cities destroyed and Britain ceasing to exist. Warsaw Pact members also faced great destruction by American missiles, and best example is Poland.

Through this guide I will explain to you all the countries in Europe, in this alternate history 1983 Doomsday.

Albanian capital city, Tirana, being the capital of a communist country, was hit by nuclear missile from NATO forces. The Party of Labour of Albania, much its leadership and head, Enver Hoxha, were killed and the federal government collapsed. After Doomsday occurred and a refugee crisis began, the army units in each prefecture declared martial law, and some of them began to declare their independence. One after another declared their independence and each were controlled by a communist dictator. Albania was no longer a country. The refugee crisis died down in a few months as most got settled in any of the small countries. Each state worked quick to rebuild their economy and military, using old Albanian weapons. Eventually in the 1990's the country of Albania was reborned once again this time as a non-communist nation in the Balkans.

Alpine Confederation- Containing what was once the countries of Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. During the Doomsday, Soviet missiles hit Swiss capital of Bern and Austria's capital city of Vienna was destroyed in nuclear impact. Aftermath lead Austria, and Switzerland to form a union together to keep one another alive. Currently the Alpine Confederation has spread it's influence into former Italy.

Asturias- Former Spanish province with a majority of people of Celtic origin. It has relations with Galicia and had Galicia help by crushing a communist uprising. Asturias is one of the places in Spain that wasn't nuked by Russia.

Belarus- The Belorussian SSR was one of the targeted places in the USSR that was hit hard by American missiles. Belarus had rose from it's ashes and became a country earlier after the Doomsday had ended. It did on the other hand lost it capital city, Minsk by American missile strikes. Other cities such as Gomel, and Orsha were hit as well. It was formed in 1990.

Bohemia- Czechoslovakia was a member of the Warsaw Pact, and Czechs and Slovaks were not spared from the attacks by the NATO. Capital city of Prague was destroyed by NATO missiles, and Slovakia was wiped off the map entirely by American missile strikes. With the Slovakians all becoming wiped off the face of the earth, which in return many Czechs were struck with remorse and sadness. They had to move on and rebuild a new country of Bohemia with the capital city as Karlovy Vary. Hopefully maybe one day they will reestablish a new Czechoslovakia and maybe rebuild Prague.

Bosnia- Yugoslavia was hit hard by attacks from USSR, with the capital of Belgrade nuked. Aftermath resulted in an earlier break up of Yugoslavia. Bosnia is just one of many of the former Yugoslav republics that happened to break away from Yugoslavia.

Castile and Leon- A junta that was formed in 2001, during war with Galicia. They are ruled by a former Spanish general who rules with a evil ironfist. 

Celtic Alliance- One of the great nations that formed after the British Isles were almost nearly destroyed by Russian attacks. Britain on the other hand did not survive, it instead broken up into many city-states/city-kingdoms. On the other hand the Celtic Alliance formed from former Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, and Brittany and Manx. Which united many people of Celtic heritage and speakers alike. English is an official language of the Celtic Alliance due to British refugees.

Kingdom of Cleveland- (Not to be confused with a city of Cleveland in Ohio) Cleveland formed after the destruction which led to Great Britain's death, and London was destroyed in five missile strikes made by the Soviets. London is now uninhabited, Cleveland became a new kingdom with a self crowned king, and constitutional monarchy, and has formed relations with Celtic Alliance and became a member of the League of Nations and founding member of the Organisation of British Nations.

Corsica- Once the island province of France, the Corsicans had to dealt with no longer being ruled by the French anymore after the Doomsday. It managed to avoid nuclear impact during the Doomsday and in 2004 they made contacted with surviving nation of Monaco, and Alpine Confederation. It major enemy is the mafia state of Sicily Republic who happen to be ruled by the mafia members themselves wanting to take over Mediterranean including Corsica. 

Courland- Once was a Polish-Lithuanian vassal state of the long ago Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth during the 1500s to late 1700s. It was refounded again when the Latvian SSR was destroyed in NATO missile strikes and Riga becoming a hell pit. Latvia no longer existed but lives on as Courland with a population of surviving Latvians. Courland is a member of the Nordic Union and Baltic Alliance.

Crimea- Formerly an autonomous republic of the USSR and part of Ukrainian SSR. Ukraine was hit hard in the Doomsday with many of it major cities such as Kiev, Lviv and Odessa and Sevastopol becoming nuclear wasteland full of deadly radiation. Crimean capital city of Sevastopol was hit due to having Russian navy bases there in Crimea. Crimea lost heck of alot of it's population during the Doomsday. And resulted in making Yalta the new capital of Crimea. Crimea has made contact with the Don Republic and Confederation of Greece and many other newly found nations around the Black Sea.

Croatia- Yugoslavia became broken up after the Doomsday in 1983, and Croatia happened to be one of the many former republics to split away from Yugoslavia. Croatia's allies are Bosnia, Albania, Macedonia, and Slovenia. Serbia on the other hand is Croatia's greatest arch enemy in the Balkans

Dagestan- Once a autonomous republic of the Soviet Union, Dagestani people noticed that Russian government had been destroyed in Moscow and had to set up Dagestan as a independent state residing along the Caspian Sea. Dagestan has great relations with Don Republic.

Don Republic- Another former autonomous republic of the Soviet Union, just like the Dagestanis the Don had to basically set up their own local government and declare themselves a country. Don Republic is allies with Crimea, Georgia, Armenia, and Dagestan. 

Essex- Another surviving state of Britain, Essex is a democracy that is located near former city of London. Essex had suffered great radiation coming from the ruins of London. Essex realizes that Britain is gone forever and has to help other new nations in the British Isles as well. Essex is a founding member of the Organisation of British Nations and has foreign relations with the Kingdom of Cleveland and the Celtic Alliance.

Estonia- Estonian SSR was hit less during the Doomsdays, only it's capital city was nuked by the NATO. Kuressaare became the new relocated capital city of newly founded nation of Estonia. Estonia had then made contact with Sweden, Courland, Norway, and Finland later on and became a founder member of the Nordic Union.

Euskadi- The Basque Country (Spanish province in Spain) was in turmoil by aftermath of the Russian missile strikes. Bilbao was destroyed and many people were killed in the nuclear attack. But the Basques managed to stick together and refound a new independent state for the Basques and become allies with Galicia and Portugal. It's enemy is Castile and Leon.

Friesland- Friesland is perhaps the only nation to be left in what was once the Netherlands. The Netherlands suffered great causalities during the aftermath. The low lying land began to be flooded due to Soviet missiles destroyed the dams and artificial islands of Holland. Floods started and began to kill many more innocent lives, so the Dutch royal family and government relocated to the Caribbean island of Aruba which was a oversea province of the Netherlands. Dutch who were left behind faced their death of their once beloved country and had to move on, Frisians on the other hand allowed many Dutch refugee to resettle in Friesland and live new lives and keep their Dutch traditions. But Netherlands forever now lies has a radioactive swamp that is now just known as the "Dutch Wastelands".

Galicia- A Spanish surviving community of the former Spanish province of the same name. Were spared from Soviet missile strikes during the Doomsday. After the Doomsday and Spanish government no longer in function the Galicia became a new country in Iberian Peninsula. Many few urban riots took place here and there but were stopped by newly Galician armed forces. Galicia has great relations with remainder of Portugal, Asturias and Euskadi. But it's major enemy is the junta of Castile and Leon. Only recently has Galicians discovered that Spain is alive but just a small remainder of itself. Perhaps one day Galicia and many other nations in Iberia will reform a new Spain, but currently the odds of reforming Spain is unlikely. It has foreign relations with the Celtic Alliance too.

Genoa- Like many members of the NATO, Italy wasn't spared from the Soviet Union it was attacked in various areas nationwide. Rome was destroyed. Only part of Republic of Genoa that was hit by the USSR was the base of La Spezia in easternmost Liguria. 
In the aftermath of Doomsday, Genoa suffered some fallout from strikes in southeastern France, as well as the strikes on Milan and Las Spezia. However, it was fairly small amounts, though the regional authority did lose its power over both the eastern and western edges of Liguria due to refugees. Yet in the months after Doomsday, even after seizing the goods on the ships left in the port of Genoa, the government still had to deal with food shortages, and famine was barely avoided over the winter of 1983-1984. Still, after hearing nothing from a higher authority, the leaders of the Ligurian region declared a new "Republic of Genoa" to govern the area, on June 21st, 1984. The next winter, as food from the area had actually stayed after the harvest, went much better and less stravations. By the year 1988 the Genoese had contacted the mafia state of Sicily Republic and they were in for a fight. Genoese managed to push back the Sicilians from taking over Genoa. Then Genoa had contacted Venetian Republic and Alpine Confederation and later becoming allies with them in efforts to defeat the Sicily Republic.

Confederation of Greece- Greeks suffered great damage and casualties in the Doomsday. Athens was destroyed by the Soviets and many famous historic ruins across Greece were also destroyed by the Soviets as well. Later the Greeks built the new capital of New Athens and became founding member of the Atlantic Defense Community. 

Republic of Karelia- Formerly another autonomous republic of Soviet Union, the Karelians had suffered from radiation coming from the destroyed city of former Leningrad (St. Petersburg). Karelia then became a independent state and then contacted Finland and Estonia and became a another founding member of the Nordic Union.

Duchy of Lancaster- Lancaster was once a county belonging to the UK before the Doomsday. But after the Doomsday, the Duchy of Lancaster was established by new self declared royal family. And a parliament was made for the country. Lancaster was able to contact and establish friendship with the Celtic Alliance, Essex, and the Kingdom of Cleveland. And it is also yet another member of the Organisation of British Nations. 

Lithuania- Lithuanian SSR was hit tragically during Doomsday. It's capital of Vilnius was destroyed by the missiles that were launched by the NATO, leaving Lithuanian government to relocate it's capital to the major city of 
Telšiai. Other cities that were spared by nuclear attacks were Mažeikiai, Kretinga, and Tauragė. Lithuania hopes to one day rebuild itself and it long historic friend Poland. It is a founding member of the Baltic Alliance and an observer state in the Nordic Union.

Luxembourg- Luxembourg was the only NATO country not to be targeted by the USSR or its allies on 26 September 1983. A number of nearby places were targeted by nuclear weapons, the closest being the West German air bases at Bitburg and Spangdahlem. The city and air base of Metz in France was also hit, as were targets not far away in Belgium. By 1984, it became clear that the Luxembourgish state was failing. The winter of 1983-4 saw famine conditions grip even the north, while death by starvation was the fate of many in the south. In the capital, gangs had taken control with the breakdown of civil government. Despite repeated efforts, government forces were unable to take control or even coordinate what little aid there was to lend. In Berg, conditions continued to deteriorate. The government-in-exile was torn by disagreements over how to deal with the refugees, who were now beginning to turn northward. Some attempted a conciliatory policy toward the newcomers, but conciliation proved impossible. Several gangs from the city clashed with remnants of the army as both sides foraged for food. In 1984 it enacted a long-discussed constitutional revision to make Luxembourgish, the national language, co-official with German and French. By the mid-1990s, the power of the gangs in Luxembourg City was collapsing. Much of this was simply due to the sharp decline in the region's population. But it was also due to the growing prestige of the grand ducal government, which had been extremely successful in stabilizing the north. In 1996, army troops entered the ruined capital for the first time in more than a decade. In the early 2000's the Luxembourg people contacted Burgundy and explorers of North Germany. Luxembourg became a founding member of Atlantic Defense Community and a observer for the Nordic Union. 

Macedonia- Macedonia was just another former Yugoslav republic that broke away from Yugoslavia. Serbia is Macedonia's greatest enemies in the Balkans. 

Malta- Malta was not hit by any air strikes or missile strikes in the Doomsday. But Malta was unable to survive until the League of Nations (refound global organization remade after the UN collapsed) had made Malta under protection. 

Surviving French citizens began in October of 1983 to petition Monaco for protection and asylum. The Grimaldi family, moved both out of concern for their neighbors and the stability of their nation, began to strengthen their hold on the surrounding region, using surviving French military forces as the Army of Monaco to defend those cities that would join them. At best Monaco is a loose confederation of city-states, a restored feudal order of sorts, however it is consolidating into a more tightly-knit polity in face of increasing pressure from the Alpine Confederation. A limited agreement with the Alpine Confederation was reached in 2000 to allow the Alpine Confederation's navy to dock in Monaco's territorial waters. And the Sicily Republic is threatening to invade Monaco 

Newolland- Simply just another surviving city state in the former ruined country of Britain and is a founding member of the Organisation of British Nations and allied with the Celtic Alliance and the Kingdom of Cleveland.

North Germany- 
Germany having been divided on the frontlines between the eastern and western blocs was especially hard hit when then nuclear war started on what became known as Doomsday. In northern Germany alone over 7 nuclear devices were used with these ranging from strategic to tactical weapons. Among these targets included Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Hanover, Bremen, Kiel, Lübeck, Rostock, and Peenemünde. With the spread of radiation from these blasts only a few of the coastal areas were left inhabitable. North Germany became one of many smaller new states in former Germany, and it is enemies with Prussia due to Prussia overtaking a part of Poland which angered North Germans. North Germany is a observer state in the Nordic Union and has huge relations with Denmark. 

Nordic Union- 
The Nordic Union (NU) is an economic and political union consisting of 12 member states along with three observer states. The successor of the Nordic Council, it was established by the Treaty of Trondheim in 1990 by the Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish and Icelandic governments. Despite having a shared political system and union, the countries are relatively independent, but work closely with each other due to their cultural and historic ties. After the Third World War, the Nordic countries struggled to rebuild their countries following several nuclear attacks, nuclear fallout and a subsequent short conflict with Soviet troops in northern Norway. However, the nation survived mainly due to their morale boost created by the popular Norwegian King Olav V and his successor Harald V. On September 26 1990, the surviving Icelandic, Norwegian and Danish governments, along with the Swedish and Finnish governments, declared the foundation of the “Nordic Union” comprising of government-controlled territories of Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Svalbard. Currently the members of the Nordic Union are Norway, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland, Denmark, Svalbard, Aland, Sweden, East Karelia, and Estonia and Finland. Observer states are Courland, Lithuania, and North Germany.

Kingdom of Northumbria- The English counties of Northumberland, Tyne and Wear and Durham are hit by three nuclear explosions. The outright death toll was well over one million. However, with the majority of the nuclear explosions taking place in the Tyne and Wear valleys the radioactive fallout from the blasts to the majority of the Northumberland was greatly reduced. Within three days refugees began arriving in the south of the region, many died due to the effects of the radiation, mass graves were dug during October near the town of Morpeth. With the collapse of the UK government, the 10th Duke of Northumberland, Hugh Algernon Percy, in his capacity as the Lord Lieutenant of Northumberland, began to organize a basic police and military force to try to regain order. It is a member of the Organisation of British Nations and allies with Kingdom of Cleveland, Newolland, and the Celtic Alliance.

Orleans- The Duché of Orléans is a survivor state in north-central France, about 130 km (81 mi) southwest of Paris. The city of Orléans is the capital, claiming to be the monarchical successor to the original Kingdom of France. It has good relations with Monaco and the Celtic Alliance. Orleans is sometimes said to be the well known surviving state of former France. 

Commonwealth of East Poland- A non-communist nation of Poland that constantly fights war with the People's Republic of Poland. Warsaw and Lublin and Lodz were of many of the Polish cities being nuked by the NATO due to fact that Poland was a member of the Warsaw Pact.

Portugal- Portugal is pretty much barely alive during the aftermath of the Doomsday. Porto and Lisbon are now gone by nuclear strikes made by the Soviet Union. Portugal was a major target since it was a member of the NATO. Portuguese government and royal family did however manage to rebuild Portugal in the surviving communities on Azores Islands. From time to time it has problems with the Sicily Republic.

Prussia- Refounded again after Germany's destruction. 
Due to its unique circumstances being split between Allied and Soviet forces, Berlin managed to survive better than most major cities. During World War III, both the Soviet and Allied leadership believed the city could be captured, and with significant resources invested by both sides, it was not struck by nukes. By the time the situation was fully realized, the leadership of the Soviets and the Allies had been destroyed and a nuclear attack could not be authorized for the city. Christian-Sigismund, member of the former royal family of Prussia and last surviving heir of the house of Hohenzollern, after fallout in Potsdam killed his father Louis Ferdinand and nephew Georg Fredrich, was imprisoned in East Berlin at the time. Although reasons for this remain unknown it was likely due to his heritage and high status. Prussians had relations with the Nordic Union and Danes for a short period, until the Prussian military invaded and annexed parts of the Baltic coast of the People's Republic of Poland. Which in return resulted in Nordic Union and Denmark becoming fucking pissed off at Prussia and no longer being allied with them.

Rhienland Federation- The Rheinland Federation is a group of city-states and former nations in the area surrounding the Rhine in what was once West Germany. It was formed out of fear of invasion or seizure by Luxembourg as had happened to the Saar region. 

Rhodope- The Republic of Rhodope is the self-declared democratic successor state to the People's Republic of Bulgaria, based around the city of Smolyan in the Rhodope Mountains of southern Bulgaria, controlling parts of Western Bulgaria and a small amount elsewhere as well. They have also taken control, at least for the time being, of parts of the Rhodope Mountains south of the former border with Greece.

Russian Confederacy- A socialist but not communist surviving state in Russia. They did pissed off many nearby nations by invading parts of Ukraine. Now currently faced under Ukrainian dictatorship rule.

San Marino- 
San Marino is a small nation situated in the Northern Apennine Mountains and the former Commune of Rimini. It is an enclave between the lawless landmass that was once controlled by Italy. It boasts the fourth highest democratic economy in all of South Europe. Since 1983, it's borders have grown, although it remains a micro-nation in many ways. San Marino is a small nation situated in the Northern Apennine Mountains and the former Commune of Rimini. It is an enclave between the lawless landmass that was once controlled by Italy. It boasts the fourth highest democratic economy in all of South Europe. Since 1983, it's borders have grown, although it remains a micro-nation in many ways. It has aggression towards it enemy the Sicily Republic. 

Saxony- The Nationalist People's Republic of Saxony(Nationalistische Volksrepublik Sachsen) is a survivor nation based around Annaberg-Buchholz, a city in the south of former East Germany. It has declared itself the successor to the pre-DDR state of Saxony. And is unfortunately allied with Prussia.

Serbia- The bitch nation who government is trying to rebuild Yugoslavia by waring with Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, Bosnia and even Macedonia. And rest of Europe including the Alpine Confederation and Nordic Union seems to just hate Serbia's guts for simply being a dick.

The Sicilian Republic (also known as the Republic of Sicily or Sicily) controls the island of Sicily and mainland Italy up to the northern edges of the former region of Lazio. It say that it "currently claims" all of Italy, Tunisia,Libya, Nizza, the Ionian Islands, Corsica, and Italian Monaco. Observers also believe them to have designs on both Malta, and many of the lands around the Mediterranean Sea as well. The Italian island of Sicily took a unique though logical path after Doomsday . In contrast to many other countries and regions it has remained stable, though the most distant from democracy since 1983. Sicily Republic is pretty much wants to remake a mafia empire of Italy and is always warring with Monaco, Alpine Confederation, Greece, Genoa, Corsica, Venetian Republic and Tuscany. Since it has been acting like a total dick, it been denied membership of the League of Nations.

Slovenia- Slovenia was another former Yugoslav republic that broke away from Yugoslavia and is always is getting threats from Serbia. Slovenians have relations with Croatia, Albania, Venetian Republic, Bosnia and Macedonia. 

Republic of Spain- Reunified after two surviving member states of Pais de Oro and the Spanish Republic. The Republic of Spain begins after the War of the Alboran Sea. Pais del Oro had attempted to take over the dictatorial Spanish Republic, but had done such with little success, but after LoN intervention, they succeeded, with a transitional government being placed into effect. After the area was occupied by the ADC and LoN, a referendum was set up for June 21st, 2010 for entrance into union with Pais del Oro. After an overwhelming majority voted to join the new Union, the Republic of Spain was declared. Due to complications, elections were postponed until October, with officials from PdOr being placed temporarily. It has started to reclaim Andalusia recently as well. The unification process has not finished yet, as there is still the full incorporation of the institutions of the Republic of Spain under the new state, and the adaptation of existing laws on the peninsula to the laws in use in overseas. Spain was given, along with the Rif Republic, the mandate over Tunisia following the Second Sicily War

The Kingdom of Swabia-Württemberg (Königreich Schwaben-Württemberg) is a survivor nation in the south-west of the former Federal Republic of Germany. It is regarded to be the successor to both the Kingdom of Württemberg and the medieval Duchy of Swabia.

Transylvania- Transylvania is a federal republic located in the southern half of the Carpathian Mountains. Based mainly out of what was once Western Romania, it is considered the legitimate successor to the Romanian state. The country was formed after Doomsday wrecked as much of the rest of Romania, leaving the counties in the historical Transylvania and Oltenian regions as the only functioning areas left in Romania. In the next few years Transylvania was able to survive the after effects from nuclear war and return as a new democratic state. Today Transylvania remains one of the largest countries left in central or eastern Europe. It continues to use the symbols of the old Principality of Transylvania and retains a vast amount of history and pride among its people. It remains fairly stable despite facing constant problems with refugees and conflict between the Hungarian minority and Romanian majority. While they are based out of Transylvania, Oltenia, and the Banat, they also control the region, with military outposts throughout otherwise uninhabited areas of former Romania, as well as Moldova and the Bujak region of the former Ukraine. The Hungarian state of Partium is in most ways, a protectorate as well.

The Tuscan Republic, sometimes known as North Tuscany is an Italian survivor state within the former province of Tuscany. And it is currently under occupation of Sicilian mafia rule in return hopes the the League of Nations saves them. 

In late 1983, Venice and the surrounding islands formed an emergency government. In 1984 with the finding that Italy had fallen into anarchy this government declared a new Venetian Republic. Between 1984 and 1987 the new republic extends its influence along the coast of Veneto, Trieste and the Istrian peninsula allied with rebels of Croatia and Slovenia who gained independence from Yugoslavia. In 1988, Venice was occupied by the Sicilian Navy. The Venetian government took refuge in Trieste and find help from the Alpine Confederation. Sicily had to abandon his conquests north of the Apennines, including the islands of the Gulf of Venice, besieged by the combined forces of the Venetians and the Austro-Swiss. The Alpine Confederation reorganized the north of Italy, formally annexed some territories such as Trentino, Aosta and the Valtellina but most of the territory was organized into several zones of occupation. Venice, although formally independent, is under Alpine occupation.

Woodbridge- Another surviving state in Britain. It is also a founding member of the Organisation of British Nations.

*Note I do not own the alt history story and franchise of 1983 Doomsday*

*1983 Doomsday is owned by Alt History Wikia all rights reserved*

This map took me about a week to finish it, first 3 days were locate the surviving and new countries and color them in with pencil tool on Microsoft Paint. It took me another 3 days to put in the text or the names of the countries that I thought were important with the 1983 Doomsday series in Europe that is. 1983 Doomsday is my favorite alternate history series on Alt History Wikia. And I proudly would like to thank the staff of Alt History Wikia and the people who dedicated their time to making 1983 Doomsday. Thank you.

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